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Our lovely library, where I shall be spending a lot of time this semester
Classes start tomorrow.  In exactly 10 hours and 27 minutes I will no longer have the freedom of hanging out in New York with my friends without classes or homework.  I am really excited for some of my classes; I'm ready to stimulate my mind and have a purpose to my life again.  But on the other hand, I've lost all motivation to do any work.  I was going to try to read the Aeneid today- I have ready 30 pages total so far.  I was going to just read the summaries of what I've read of the book so far just now and I got distracted by this need to create a blog post.  This is unhealthy!  I love school and learning and everything associated.  I especially love this semester because I get to take amazing classes like Swahili, Contact Improvisation, Race Crime and the Law, The Social World, University Writing, and Literature Humanities.  I don't have to take any science and I finally get to learn how to write better.  

Speaking of writing, it seems journalism is my new career goal.  I have wanted to do it for almost an entire week now.  This blog was sort of my test to see if I honestly like writing and can make myself do it every day.  I can't say that it won't be difficult trying to come up with something worthwhile to say every single day.  Hopefully my classes will give me inspiration even though they mainly drain all my free time to research interesting and innovative new things.  

That being said, here is something new and exciting.  So for my wedding ring I'm going to use my mothers.  But it has a diamond on it as the focal point, much like your everyday engagement ring does. This means that I can't simply just have Justin get me the generic type of engagement ring, but we must be inventive.  For a long time I was thinking just a simple band with diamonds embedded into it like this one:

But I recently came across the style of a slice of raw diamond.  I like to think of myself as a pretty unique person, and I feel that this really fits me.  I won't be able to fuse it to my wedding ring, but its understated enough that I won't feel bad leaving it to fend for itself in the beauty realm.  It has a simple beauty to it that I can't seem to get enough of!


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