Buddy the Dog

Today is my last day in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I have greatly enjoyed this month being home with family, friends, and my dog.  While I am dying inside saying goodbye to everyone here I love, this goodbye is much easier than the ones I said in August.  I have only two months until hellos, and I know that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  On top of that, I have so many amazing friends at school that I have missed this past month.  My life has been split in so many ways in the last few months, and after some contemplation I think it is actually a very good thing.  I haven't lost anything in the process; I've gained another home and another family.  The two will never intertwine, but I don't know if that is necessarily a bad thing.  It gives me more to love, more to care about, more homes and people to call family.  Today is for goodbyes, but tomorrow will be full of hellos.

Nebraska Winter

Scrabble with the Boyfriend


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