Monday Mornings

Jim Davis gets it
I am really fortunate this semester to have a very easy Monday and Wednesday schedule.  Let's just not talk about Tuesday and Thursday.  But Monday mornings aren't so bad for me.  I get up, eat my grapefruit, do a little homework, and then I'm off to class at the leisurely hour of ten.  I have absolutely nothing to complain about.  Until Tuesday comes around, that is.
But I know for many Mondays are horrible; Garfield is perfect evidence to that fact.  For those of you who struggle to get out of bed and get going, here are some links to browse while you should be doing work.  Because we all know that you can't just jump back into being productive after the weekend.  But actually.

Curious as to who won the nail olympics?  Didn't even know they were happening until it was too late?  Well don't worry, Huffington Post has got us covered with this article that includes photographs of nails that I consider to be some of the top contenders.

If you were like me and somehow just missed the Super Bowl entirely, here are five of the top commercials shown.  Oh, and the Ravens won, which is pretty cool. 

Monday nigh dinner got you down?  Well you're in luck because Huffington Post has our back once again with an article on how to make the ultimate nachos! 

Finally, a song that will make monday morning just a little bit brighter.

Have a peaceful monday

Photo credit, Peter Jamus


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