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I'm not going to lie, it has been very tough adjusting to this semester.  But now that I am finally settling into a routine, I am going to be posting more!

For me, this semester is all about self discovery and planning my future.  Law school is probably going to be happening, but I am okay with that.  Maybe even a little bit excited.  I am currently taking a class called Race, Crime, and Law that has won me over to the legal side of things.  Plus all the good jobs require a JD, so it is definitely in the cards for me.

This semester has also been a semester of non-stop reading, which is a good thing to practice for law school.  Last semester was full of Greek literature which I loved, but definitely got sick of by the time that finals came around.  That's probably the number one reason that I was glad to have winter break:  it gave me time to rekindle my love of reading.  Along with a book by Agatha Christe and a book on psychopaths, I read Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar.  It allowed me to appreciate a book in a way I had not been able to for a long time.  I'm really looking forward to the summer for the same reason.  That is not to say that the books that I'm reading this semester are not amazing- Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow contains some of the most important ideas for my generation- but it will be nice to lay in the sun and read a book at the pace of a normal human being.

Do you have any great books that bring you back to your love of reading?

Reader's Thumbprint is a beautiful piece of work by Cheryl Sorg.


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