Valentines Cards

It really is true, Valentine's Day was way better in elementary school.  I mean, I now have a boyfriend who buys me way better presents than just candy and cartoon character valentines, but in elementary school Valentine's Day was an EVENT!  Not only was there the actual handing out of valentines, but you got to take class time to make fancy bags to hold all the candy you would get, you got to pick out or make the cards for your classmates, and best of all, after going home you got to go through your candy and see who was stingy and who had the funniest card.

Now I know that my professors would never take the time out of class to make valentines, and it would be impossible to make even the people on my floor exchange cards, but if I could, these beautifully designed refreshingly humorous Valentines by Ben Kling and The Indigo Bunting would be top of my list.


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