Flying Home

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Midterms are officially over.  Well, except for those who still have Frontiers of Science.  It feels so good to be done, three midterms in two days and two seven page papers.

But that is irrelevant, because now it is spring break and I leave to go home tomorrow on a nine am flight, which means that I will be waking up in seven hours to pack and get on a bus to to the airport, which is so early.  Earlier than I have been awake all semester.  But it will be worth it.

It's an odd feeling, going home.  Winter break was at least in between the semesters and it felt almost like old times.  This break won't be like that.  I have more homework this week than I usually do, plus I have to plan time to be with Justin, my family, and my friends.  It will be interesting to go home and still do the level of thinking that I do in school.  Home is not where I'm used to doing anything but soaking in the tub and playing with my dog.  Now I'll be writing papers and reading sociological articles.  

That being said, I feel myself having changed much more this semester than last.  I know when I go home I won't be the person that people expect me to be.  My reasoning skills are better and I find myself automatically playing devil's advocate.  I have gotten used to spending all day doing homework, and have even started to enjoy it.  It's going to be a very interesting experience.

That is all the ranting I have to do.  Spring break is here, and this pseudo New Yorker is going back to the country.  


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