So basically, this semester has been killing me.  For example, today I wrote two papers, read an article just minutes before class, tried (and kinda failed) to decipher a movie in Swahili in the hour before class, and now have to read 150 pages of Dostoevsky that deserves more than 13 hours of my time I could possibly give it if I were to not sleep tonight.  

Marina and I with our insomnia cookies.  Could use some of those tonight.

I was doing pretty well with my work this semester until spring break.  One would think that spring break would mean, well, a break.  However I had four books to read and two papers to write.  I also had a dog to pet, a boyfriend to work puzzles with, friends to reconnect with over coffee and thrifting, family to spend quality time with, and a dance studio to visit for my own sanity.  So that homework lived to drag on for another week.  I got back to New York to Marina, my dearest friend since childhood, sleeping in my friend's dorm room.  From that saturday until thursday she was living in my room and I was showing her the city for the first time.  The stuff due that week got done, but that was about it.  Then thursday I left for an amazing Easter weekend with my family in Maryland.  I did a surprising amount of homework there, seeing as my seven year old cousin has decided I am her personal jungle gym.  But the work once again was postponed.  

The sad part is that that was two weeks ago, and I still feel like I'm barely holding on.  My dad comes into the city this weekend, and as excited as I am, I have two papers to write and two books to read.  There are two weeks left of classes, then reading week, and then finals.  It's all coming so fast and I'm barely holding on.  

Donut Plant donut...

The only reason I am bemoaning these circumstances in this very public forum is to say that I am so sorry I have been missing in action lately.  I do care about this blog, and it feels so good to write something again.  One of these days soon I'll have to write up a review for the Nederlands Dans Theatre that I was SO LUCKY to see.  But for now there is this post, and this link to the review of the spring Orchesis performance that I wrote for Bwog, a campus publication.  


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