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My phone case, found here

When I finally jumped on the iPhone train in January, I'll admit I was most excited about picking out the perfect case.  I looked at many that I really loved, but there are certain criteria required in my case.  It needed to be something I liked, obviously.  It needed to not be too busy, but yet something that expressed my personality.  And finally it needed to be at least a bit professional.  I ended up spending WAY too much money for what I thought would be the perfect case, although I don't regret it.  It IS the perfect case, it's not overly noticeable but yet when people do see the ridiculous ostrich on the case they have the best reaction:  they try to mimic the face.  This provides endless hours of entertainment for me, although the only person to ever really nail it is my 7 year-old cousin.  

But as materialistic as it sounds, a persons iPhone case says a lot about them and the image they want to purport of themselves.  I kinda hate myself for even writing that sentence, but it's true.  BUT I found a perfect way to keep your iPhone case current, personalized, and not TOTALLY selling out to the consumer market.  I haven't explored The Etsy Blog in depth yet, but if this phone case how-to is any indicator, I think I'll be wasting sufficient time there this summer.
Photo by Clare McGibbon

Want to know how to make this phone case?  Check out the directions here.


  1. Thanks for the shout out for my daughter! I'll let her know.



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