Lazy Weekends

Photo of my great grandfather during the Second World War
It's a weird feeling to realize that you don't necessarily live where you grew up.  I'm not at the point where I feel like a stranger, but there are definitely traces. It's been odd to come back to town and not recognize some of the stores and see new construction.  But the most bizarre part is that this weekend was that the same day I flew in, a lot of my family came to visit.  I felt like I was flying in for the weekend to visit, and that was abnormal.  It's not a good or bad thing, but it is different.  I'm no longer a fixture of Nebraska, and I appreciate coming back all the more because of it.

But it's been a nice weekend of eating food that isn't from a dining hall, looking through old photos, and catching up with family.  Life is calmer here, and I can appreciate that for a few days.  But I already have plans to make my life crazy again.

But for now, why not enjoy some fresh air, sunshine, and family time?


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