Lincoln Eating

Gorgonzola and Fig pizza from Covo

To continue my rantings about moving back to Nebraska for the summer, It occurred to me recently that eating in Lincoln is much different from New York.  I will admit that I have become very spoiled with good food here.  When friends and I want to go out to eat at a real restaurant instead of the dining hall for the millionth time, we always have a new place to go.  I doubt if anyone could manage to eat at every single restaurant in this city.  Sure we have some old favorites, but finding a new-- and good!-- restaurant is never an issue.  

So going back to Lincoln will be interesting.  High school prompted me to become well acquainted with the local places, so there is really nothing new left.  Or so it seems.  My goal for the summer is to not only seek out all the new restaurants in Lincoln, but to try something other than my usual at the places I frequent the most.  I have always known that Lincoln has seriously good food-- I have yet to find an equivalent to Tandoor in New York-- but I want to prove myself wrong this summer in my thinking that I'll get tired of Lincoln eats.  I don't want to sit there like a snob talking about how the food isn't as good here as in New York; the food is as good and sometimes even better.  It's just so much easier to be complacent about food in the place you grew up.


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