Packing Up

Countless Nights of homework have been done on this bed.

Tonight, after finishing my first final and turning in my last paper for University Writing, I began to pack.  I have less than one week left in the room that has become my home.  My denial cannot go on much longer;  my things must go somewhere.

While I was packing, I realized how few things I actually have here.  I came to New York with four boxes, two suitcases, a backpack and a purse-- not exactly how the story of moving to New York is usually told.  That sounds like a lot of luggage until you realize that those four boxes, two suitcases, one backpack, and purse were all I had to live with for nine months.  However, my 124 square foot dorm room, that was all the luggage it took to make this place feel like home.

But now that I've started to pack, I've forgotten how few boxes I can fit my livelihood into.  Even with my new shoes, lamp, and beloved yoga mat, four boxes still cuts it.  I'm coming to terms that some clothes just don't fit my personality any longer and that there are some decorative items that don't fit my aesthetic.

While it is sad to pack and see how easily my life can be contained into four boxes, it also feels refreshing.  There is something very interesting about the stage of life I'm at now.  I'll be moving at least twice a year for the next three years, and my possessions don't need to surpass my four boxes.  For the four years of college, I will be living with less "things" than at any other point in my life, and that feels pretty good.  I don't feel weighed down by drawers full of knick knacks or keepsakes that I don't remember saving.  I'm currently collecting memories, not objects.  And while I can pack up my life into four boxes and a suitcase, that just means I'm all the more capable to go where life leads me.


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