Yesterday I intended to go sit on the lawn in front of my dorm and read in preparation for my final today.  But once I got outside, I decided to walk down to riverside park.  Then I just kept walking.  It had been a rough day and I just needed to go do something; sitting in my room and reading was not going to improve my sanity.  So I walked and explored the upper west side.  I started on 116th and riverside and walked until I found the underpass to cherry walk, which is a biking/running/walking path right next to the Hudson.  I could smell the salt water, something that happens rarely even though I am surrounded by it.  I had my book with me and stopped to read for a few minutes.  Then I continued on my way.  I went back up away from the river, with no real idea of where I was headed.  I decided to pop into a Starbucks on 88th and Amsterdam.

View from Starbucks
 It's in the back of my head to take note of good places to study in this city that aren't on campus.  As much as I love the libraries sometimes it's necessary to pretend like you're a real person.  That can't be done if you do all of your reading in Butler.  The Starbucks on 88th is really nice, it has a small upstairs for sitting and had a really calm vibe.
Beautiful walk on the Upper West Side
 I continued my journey following whichever lights were green.  It lead me down beautiful streets with brownstones I hope to someday live in.  And eventually it lead me to Central Park.
Central Park
 I wandered around for a while just looking at all of the dogs and missing puppy at home.
Reading in the sun
 I found an amazing little patch of grass to lay down on and read.  I got a good chunk of what I needed to read done, and took a few short naps.  My allergies hated me but it was so worth it.
So many people laying out on the grass
And I was surrounded by so many picnics, people reading, sleeping, or just enjoying the sunshine.  It was a beautiful moment for humanity.
Stumbled upon a flea market!
 Then I decided to walk some more.  I headed in the direction of Broadway once again and stumbled upon a flea market.  I didn't have enough cash to buy anything, but I did not really need anything.  It was nice to just stroll through and watch other people shopping for once.  
Broke down and took the subway back
 After stopping in Urban Outfitters on 72nd street and realizing that I did not feel like dropping one hundred dollars on a shirt, I decided to head back to campus.  I had been out for four hours and my feet were killing me.  I wimped out and took the subway back up.
Not the best walking shoes
 It was a beautiful day and exactly what I needed to get me out of my funk.  Sometimes it's nice to just go for a walk.  Sometimes it's nice to just go do something by yourself.  Sometimes it's just nice to get off of campus.  Sometimes it's nice to realize that even when you're reading alone in a field, that there are thousands of people doing the same thing at the same time and sometimes it's nice to just remember that you really aren't alone after all.  


  1. Nice! Just the kind of zen I need during finals :)


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