Two Worlds

So far this summer I've noticed a dichotomy within myself.  When I'm home, all I ever want to do is relax, hang out with friends, and spend my nights around a fire.  When I'm at school I just want to go out, get ahead on my homework, and generally be productive in going forward in my life.  It's like things go on hold when I'm home, like I'm in some sort of stasis.  

It isn't all bad though.  I'm far too stressed and far too busy when I'm at school.  It's not healthy to live on 6 hours of sleep a night or less.  It's not fun to speed read through some great works of literature.  It's not good for me to push myself as far as I do.  But at the same time, it's not good for me to go all summer only reading one book.  It's not good to start slacking on the little work I'm supposed to do.  It's not good to forget what work ethic is like.  

I just wish there were some way to combine my worlds.  To add a little relaxation into my school year, and have my summer be more productive.  But it's a difficult task when the people, environments, and overall attitudes of New York and Nebraska differ so much.  But who says that I need to be in New York to push myself to work harder?


  1. In my too-often brief excursions outside of New York, I sometimes get this vibe too. That if I lived outside of the metropolis, I'd have a different pace of life. I've been living here for 19 years, and the New York "push or get pushed" lifestyle feels good only when I'm on top of my life. And that only happens like one day every two months... but it's achievable!

    This is a great project. I wish I started following you earlier! Looking forward to more posts, and have fun on your trip!

    Showing digital love from Brooklyn,


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