Family Part II

It's been an interesting experience the last few years to get to know my relatives on my own terms.  The reintroductions started when I began travelling by myself.  As I wrote in my last family post, I try to stay with relatives as much as possible.  It also gives me an excuse to travel somewhere if I have family with whom to stay (still trying to save up for the airfare for Paris...)

It's a different experience though, getting to know relatives as Madysen rather than the child of Mark and Debi.  I'm now an adult with my own thoughts and opinions and a personality that was created out of my own search for self.  While my upbringing is still a large part of who I am, there are facets that don't reflect where I came from.  When you're younger and interacting with family in large groups such as on Christmas or the Fourth of July, the only way family relates to one another is through those shared backgrounds.  There are too many people and too little time to really get to know the idiosyncrasies of individuals.  You know what, in general, is going on in the lives of others, but nothing really in particular.

When I would travel and reacquaint myself with relatives, I would have the chance to really sit down with them and learn how they live.  See the parts of their lives that aren't coherent with the family as a whole.  I would see that I am not so different, and that our ways of thinking were more similar to each other than to the family group as a whole.  In a way, every family member is the black sheep.  There is a familial persona that we all put on when together, but separately that facade is dropped.  That's the amazing part of meeting my family members all over again as an adult.  


  1. I have loved getting "reacquainted" with you these last few years, Mady. You are an awesome cousin, a beautiful person, and I'm so glad we live close enough (and on enough flight/rail/bus paths) to be able to see you as often as we do. I know what you mean about family being one thing when considered en masse and quite another when we spend more intimate time in each others' homes, though. So glad you're exploring all sides of this now... xo, Meghan


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