It's been a difficult couple of days.  No, nothing really bad happened.  There was no big traumatic event.  But I'm a serious introvert, and I haven't had any significant alone time since saturday.  Between the boyfriend, my dad, and my friends all the time I don't spend working is accounted for.  I have a month left of my summer, and I don't want to waste even the tiniest bit.  But for an introvert, the idea that I must spend all of my time with people is more terrifying than fulfilling.  

But I WANT to spend time with my friends.  It's great hanging out with them especially knowing that this summer is probably my last here.  I genuinely enjoy spending time with my friends, in fact I wish I had more time to split between everyone.  But the fact of the matter is that there are 24 hours in a day, I have lots of people I want to see, and I need at least 6 of those hours for sleeping, usually 6 for work, and another 4 to myself.   That doesn't leave a whole lot left.  I feel so bad about not being able to see everyone all the time this summer--I really do hate it.  But from here on out I need to remember to make time for myself as well.


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