Little Insights I

Homemade bread is amazing.  

My grandma gave Justin her old bread machine amongst many other items for his new apartment.  He thought that the kitchen appliance was pretty cool, and was exciting about the idea of making his own bread.  But the thing is, Justin thought that a bread machine was just for kneading the bread.  When I went to teach him how to use is a couple of days ago, he was ELATED!  Because the thing about bread machines is that as long as you dump the ingredients in in the right order, the machine does everything to cook a whole loaf of bread for you.  It's a beautiful and very tasty thing.

But why is this on the level of a daily insight?  Well most people thing that making bread is too much work.  Or that it is cheaper to just buy the bread.  Well we haven't officially done the math, but from what it looks like, homemade and store bread might cost the same.  The big difference, though, comes from the ingredients.  I can pronounce all the things that are in the bread machine bread.  The same cannot be said for store-bought bread with all the chemicals, preservatives, and corn derivatives.  With the cost nearly equal, why not save your body some strain and make your own bread?  You won't regret it!


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