It's Been Far Too Long

It's been far too long since I've posted anything.  I don't really know where August went, but it's certainly sped by!  I've been on two road trips since the month began, finished up my summer job, and now have less than a week to pack all of my belongings and somehow say goodbye.  I grew far too attached to Nebraska this summer.  I thought I would simply resent it for not being New York.  I thought that I would be angry that Nebraska couldn't help me further my life goals, and I thought I would be upset that I never found a suitable internship.  I still wish I had done more--but who ever doesn't?  

While those things may be true, I have such a soft spot in my heart for this place and this summer.  Maybe it's because I got engaged, and maybe it's because of all the long summer nights I spent with my friends.  This summer proved to be a much needed break before I go back to the city that never seems to stop and the school that never lets you take a break.  I honestly can't look back at my summer and see anything super productive, but I feel satiated.  I took the time to remember where I came from, and in that I rediscovered who I am.  I mean, I still don't really know, but I know that I like the direction I'm going.  And I really know that I'm ready to go back to school and start becoming who I saw myself to be this summer.


  1. I'm so glad you still feel connected to your roots! I want you to take NY by storm and live out your dreams (as I'm sure you will), but it makes my heart happy to know that that you still feel at home in Nebraska.
    (from your dads cousin who's known you since the day you were born).


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