Coffee vs. Tea

I've noticed that the choice between coffee and tea is a very important one in college.  Who will you be today?  Will you be the caffeine starved student staying up all night to finish that problem set?  Or will you be the well adjusted time manager who shows up to an 8:40 CC class with a mug of green tea?  

It's a very important decision.  Your choice of caffeinated beverages says a lot about you.  It makes note of your mental health state, your preparedness, and your level of hip.  

Drinking tea is way cooler than a normal cup of coffee.  Starbucks has its own connotations.  Oren's and Joe's (in the Columbia area) are socially acceptable, even if they usually give you the label of grad student.  Any to go cup that says Blue Java signifies you as a first year, or someone who spends way too much time in Butler.  It's a slippery slope.  And then reusable to-go mugs create a whole different struggle.  Clearly the Starbucks cups make you too mainstream, whereas mugs from a shop no one has heard of gets bonus points (I worked very hard to fall into this category).  But if you've made your own coffee, you get bonus points.  Even more if you instagrammed it.  Most if you made it in a French press, as I usually do.  Although that is honest to god only because 1- we don't have room for a full on coffee machine in our kitchen, and 2- because it's way cheaper to both buy and ship here.  

Tea is not as big of a deal.  There are levels to tea pretension as there are to coffee.  Drinking tea instantly makes a person seem more laid back.  Tea transcends labels, just like the people who drink it.  Blue Java is an okay cup for tea because they serve Republic of Tea.  Starbucks is the same.  If you get tea from Joe's, well then you're overpaying.  Homemade tea is equally good, but no one will really notice your cool tea brand based on the tag sticking out of the cup.

Personally, I don't really care how people get their caffeine.  Before college I was a cup-of-coffee-every-morning kind of person.  Now it's easier and quicker to just grab a cup of tea.  I actually find myself steering clear of those with Joe's cups.  Before the Columbia need for caffeine, I never really noticed what form people chose for their fix.  But it's all around me, and I can't help but notice tags hanging out of cups or the lake thereof.  

If you haven't noticed it, look around.  It's a big choice, and it has to say something about a person.


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