The Start Of The Semester

It's so funny to me how, at the start of the semester, everyone is so intent on being studious.  We take notes on things that we already know, we read too far ahead, and we are meticulous with notes.  Things are going to be better this semester, and we are going to actually go to all of our classes.  We are going to work hard and get straight A's.  We aren't going to slack.  And on top of it all we are going to have an amazing internship, get a job, write for a campus publication, and join four new clubs.  

I love the start of the semester.  I love the new energy it brings and the hopeful looks in everyone's eyes-- not only the first years.  It's such an inspiring time of year, and no one is stressed yet.  We all love hanging out and even do the little homework we have together.  I wish the whole semester could be just like the first day.  


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