A Weekend Away

A lot of things have happened in the past two weeks to change my life drastically and to remind me of past events.  I've floated between squealing with glee and being so sad I could not speak.  And while I love to feel all of my emotions in their entirety, sometimes you just need to step out of the context and outside of your emotions.

While I would have loved to spend another weekend in Plimpton, listening to music with my best friends and the best support system I could ask for, I needed to get away.  And while I'm away from New York and from feeling all of my feelings, I'm going to take a weekend off from writing.  I'm going to play with my little cousins and have long chats with my aunt, and probably watch some sports practices.  I'm going to live another life for two days, because that's what I need right now.

And when I return to New York, I'll be ready to take on everything once more.


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