The 11th Hour

There are just some weeks when everything sneaks up on you at once.  Where the decision to meet someone for drinks on Monday lead to staying up late, which meant that Tuesday was spent catching up, and now today I'm awake at 4:30am writing a terrible draft of my essay due friday.

You have to make choices.  I'm choosing to see a show tomorrow night, to spend time with friends, to go to work on Friday instead of spending all of my time writing this essay.

Sometimes choices have to be made, and I'd rather stay up far too late one night in order to make great memories the next.  Because I'm not going to remember what I wrote this essay on.  But I'm definitely going to remember seeing Mimulus at The Joyce with a dear friend during another polar vortex.  I'm going to remember debating on whether to wear pants and be smart or a dress and tights and be in denial about the cold.  I'm going to remember my choice to wear tights, but I'll never learn from it.

If this post does not make sense, blame the lack of sleep.  It's back to essay writing again, and if my words are jumbled here I hate to see what I writing in the morning.

But it'll all be worth it.


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