A Former Vegetarian Eats a Medium Rare Burger

One of the very first meat products that I ate after deciding being vegetarian wasn't for me was a burger.  I love burgers.  Even the really bad ones are still really amazing and I can't get enough of them.  It's definitely a problem and my friends definitely lightly mock me for this.  But they don't mock me too much because in all honesty they're glad that I'm finally eating meat again.  

Anyways, I had a slightly scary experience this weekend.  Normally when I order burgers places, they don't ask how I want it made.  I know some people are snobby about that, but I don't honestly care.  I can't tell an alright burger from an amazing one.  But if they do ask, I'll usually look around and have my friends tell me what to get.

Well this weekend, my tactics failed me.  After seeing Ashley's show, she, Cindy, and I walked over to a burger joint whose name I never caught.  I was second in line and Ash had just ordered a burger medium rare.  Well I usually will ask for it a medium of some sorts, but I never really pay attention.  I usually just assume that my friends aren't insane and won't eat raw cow.  

But I was wrong.  

I was super excited about my burger.  It was going to be the highlight of my night.  I had walked 80 blocks that afternoon, worked for four hours, and had barely eaten anything.  I bit into the burger and apparently my face went pale and I just put the burger back down.  This is not an exaggeration.  

I'm still not the most confident in my digestive system's ability to process meat.  I don't eat it that often, and when I do, my stomach still feels a little off.  So the thought of eating practically raw meat terrified me.  I mean, everything about this burger was scaring.  The texture was weird so even if I didn't look at the piece before I ate it, I was reminded that my dinner was practically still mooing.

Ashley was enjoying her food and wasn't scared, but I was certain that my burger was far less cooked than hers.  I mean, it tasted alright (nothing like Bare Burger OMG).  Even Cindy was a bit worried, as she told me on the train ride back.  But like a true friend, she stayed strong for me, encouraging me to eat my over-priced New York burger.  I never got sick, but I still cringe when I think about that burger. 

I've learned that when ordering burgers, the word "medium" should always be followed by the word "well." 


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