Beginning of the Week Appreciation

So I'm still under the impression that my family members are the only people who chance across this little corner of the internet.  Therefore, nothing in this post today will be new to you.  But for the few of you who are not already aware, I just want to take a minute to attend something I really truly realized over break.

I've been blessed with the most amazing dad I could ever ask for.  Yeah, he's a crazy libertarian with whom I can never truly share my opinion of the Affordable Healthcare Act, but those aren't the details that matter.  He and I have been through so much in life, even though we didn't necessarily acknowledge it until I was well into high school.  And yes, he and I had our rough patches once we really were just on our own (well, with the dog).  But now, I would never trade my dad for anything in the entire world.

He's my best friend, my greatest motivator, the force that keeps me on track even when I feel like my proper path is trudging through an unexplored forest, and he is my rock.

We never used to talk about feelings or really even the exciting things in life, but now he's my first phone call for something exciting.  He knows all about my various tinder dates, and he gently scolds me for not caring more about my GPA since graduate school isn't in my future.

But even more than our relationship now, I owe him the world for the opportunities he has encouraged me to have.  I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to let me move away so soon after losing my mom.  But he never for a moment told me to do anything short of follow my heart and dreams.  No matter if money is a concern in life or not, it's never been a limiting factor on what he will encourage me to do.

I give my mom so much air time, because I think a lot about how she has influenced my life.  But my dad deserves just as much credit.  The most difficult part of leaving home is not seeing him for so long.  And the best part of coming home, as much as I deeply love seeing family and friends, is the quality time I get to spend just sitting around with my father.  My favorite memories from each and every break are the weekend morning when my dad brings donuts and hangs with Buddy and I on my bed for the morning.  We don't really do anything other than appreciate a good donut and talk about how cute and ridiculous the dog is.  But there is nothing wrong with that.  You don't need to have deep conversations or even conversations at all in order to spend quality time with someone you love.

So the moral of the story is, thanks for being there for me dad.  And come visit me soon!

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