Journey To The East Side

On the anniversary of my mom's death, I needed to do something in order to get my mind off things and to fully embrace my feelings.  Luckily it was president's day, and I didn't have to go to work.  Even more luckily, Ashley didn't have school.  Seeing her was what I really needed.

After CC I hopped on the bus and caught up on all the texts, comments, and facebook messages I had received that morning.  Everyone's kind words and stories made me tear up while driving across the park.  It was actually kind of beautiful.

I accidentally got off the bus two stops early, as I always seem to do when I go to the Met.  So I booked it down the street and up the stairs, waiting for that breath of relief when I saw Ash.  I don't know if she realized how much I needed to just see her face that day.

I have to say though, I've only ever really gone to the Upper East Side to go to the Met.  After Ash and I walked around the museum, doing more talking than appreciating the art, we decided to take a walk down Madison Avenue.  Our end goal was the so-called "Best Macarons in New York City."  Boy were they not wrong.  The macarons took me back immediately to Paris, and were worth the $21 I spent on just six tiny treats.

But that's the Upper East Side for you.  It's a completely different world.  People walk around with sweaters tied around their shoulders, big black sunglasses hidden under big floppy black hats, and popping in to the Louboutin store for an impulse buy.  I used to think that the Upper West Side was fancy, but that is because I could not fathom the richness with which people on the Upper East Side live their lives.

That day I felt like I travelled to somewhere completely different.  I mean, I live in New York City, I'm accustomed to seeing a huge variety of people in my everyday life.  But at the end of the day, I'm still just a girl from Nebraska who is just beginning to discover the world.


  1. Macarons, dear; macaroons are little coconut things. But they look amazing! Hope we can share one someday!


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