The Neverending Reading List

I've never read more books in my life than in college.  And I've never been given so many book suggestions either.  But I also have absolutely no free time in which to read these books.  

However, I've found that one of my favorite ways to procrastinate homework is to cultivate my reading list.  No, not actually read the books.  Just make a list of all of the books I would like to read in life.  This is something I see a lot of people doing nowadays, with site like Goodreads to store lists for you and recommend books.  

While it's fun to look at all of the books out there and to sort through them to find the titles that speak to your soul at that moment, whatever happened to actually reading the books?  

Therefore, today after stats class, I ventured into the Butler stacks and grabbed three of the books that had been in my Goodreads list for far too long.  Between all of the time I spend watching television or on the train to and from work, I should have plenty of time to spend learning about the history of SNL or reading the book on which one of my favorite films, A Clockwork Orange, was based.  

So here's to not falling prey to the ease with which we can all just sit down and mindlessly watch Netflix nowadays.  Here's to cracking open that book you've wanted to read for months.  Here's to reconsidering the best and most fulfilling way to spend our down time.  

And here's to hoping I actually read these books.  

*Also, if anyone is interested at all to see the lengthy list I've cultivated, you can find it on my Goodreads Profile.  


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