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I want to start having a little more rhyme and reason to this blog, and one way in which I think that can be found is to have a weekend wrap-up.  Not only will it force me to get out into the city and reflect upon my outings, but it's can be a good resource for anyone traveling to the city.  I swear, the longer one is immersed and can explore the city, the more and more enchanting it becomes.  It truly is a city full of hidden gems.
Ventured into the East Village to see an improv show at UCB, caught the sun in its final burst of light for the day.
I forget about street art, since it doesn't seem to exist in Morningside Heights.  

Definitely a neighborhood I could wander aimlessly around for hours.  
I swear all weekend was spent looking at the city from beneath my trusty umbrella, bought circa 2011 in London.
Took my visiting friend Flora to Nice Green Bo for dumplings in Chinatown
Got to introduce one of my best friends from home to my best friends here.  Happiness ensued.
Spent far too much time in a rainy Times Square aka my own personal hell.  Slow tourists with umbrellas?  No thanks.
Treated myself to cafe au lait at Joe's
And indulged in my classic everything bagel with plain cream cheese from Nussbaum
Forgot I bought baklava at the Hungarian Pastry Shop, only to (happily) find it for lunch
Made my favorite salad:  spring mix, spinach, blueberries, sliced almonds, and balsamic vinaigrette!  After that baklava I needed some leaves.
Tried Halal food for the first time!  Lamb over rice, and it was delicious.  But next time I'm getting way more white sauce.  
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!  Let me know what you think of this new idea!


  1. umm...i looovvvee the umbrella!! and halal food!! Can't believe you are just trying it, lol!


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