A Simpler Beauty Routine

When it comes to beauty routines, I had a great role model.  My mom never wore makeup except for special occasions.  She never fussed over her appearance, but let her smile and happy glow be her radiance.  I don't remember having an overwhelming urge to cake on the makeup, or even to really experiment painting up my face all that much.  Christmas Eve, Easter, Halloween, and dance recitals were my opportunities to experiment, and I was satisfied.

But then came the years after the age of 13, when I was finally allowed to buy my own makeup.  My mom and I went to target, bought me the basics, and drove back home for her to teach me how to use it all.  I remember she wouldn't let me read the back of the packages on the ride home, because that pivotal moment in a 21st century girls life shouldn't be between her and the instructions on an eyeshadow palette, but should come from her mother.

Fortunately, looking back, I don't think I subjected myself to too many bad makeup decisions.  I was too heavy on the eyeliner and some of my eyeshadow choices were definitely regrettable, but I always preferred to let myself shine through whatever I put on my face rather than covering it up-- just like my mom taught me.

Nowadays I continue to strive for the most natural look I can get.  I can't quite escape the allure of wearing makeup, partially for the routine of it and, yes, partially because I've subscribed to the idea that makeup is necessary for beauty.  But I've continued to minimize my products, and focus my attention on looking as much like Madysen as I can.

So where am I currently in this quest?  I've found that I am perfectly happy taking only foundation, mascara, and a brow pencil with me.  That's all I need to feel like myself.

Now the foundation and mascara are no brainers, but what about this brow pencil?  It's seemed to be a trend lately to have fuller eyebrows, and hey, if that means less fuss then I'm all about it!  It helps me feel a little more put together when I have to run quickly in the morning with barely a glance in the mirror.  Plus the look feels fresher, and with Spring definitely upon us, freshness in appearance is worth striving for.


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