This Weekend in Phots

This weekend I really embraced the idea of getting out and exploring the city.  Friday began with an attempt to sleep in and an impromptu roommate date to The Museum of the City of New York and the Central Park Conservancy Gardens.
Part of the graffiti exhibit at the museum.
Love the writer and the quote.
The whole scene felt like a forgotten fairytale.
 I, then, spent a good chunk of my time in Williamsburg, seeing the Comedy in Dance Festival at Triskelion Arts and having the best pizza of my life at a place whose name I can't recall.

Even cold and rainy nights can be nice in Brooklyn.
Then the next morning my dear friend Leigh and I made our own miniature donut crawl around Brooklyn.
Had the best morning I can recall Saturday because of this girl and a variety of other reasons 
Found an entrance to a little piece of my personal heaven.
 Saturday was filled with down time and cleaning time, and culminated in an evening spent listening to folk music with friends.
Bought a new piece of art- the map piece- that's inspired me to re-collage my wall.
Made this cute couple take prom-esque photos before they went out dancing.
Which of course required us to act like embarrassing parents.  
Sunday began productive, but then my overly-analytical brain required a break from social media and, frankly, from the world.  So I left my phone on my bed, set off with my purse and a book in hand and just started walking.  I meandered through Central Park, getting lost in the North Woods and eventually landing on a rock by Turtle Pond.  I joined the turtles, sunning myself on the rocks for about two hours and reading.  But once the breeze picked up and the sun moved behind the skyscrapers, I picked up and headed back uptown.

All in all, my weekend was perfect.


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