Who Am I Without Dance?

I entered college having given up my dreams of becoming a dancer.  I didn't want it as much as others, and honestly I was not near good enough.  But to be a dancer is to be a special brand of human.  I take pride in my strength and flexibility.  I love how difficult it is to find an ab workout that will actually make me sore.  I love that I am completely incapable of holding still when I talk to large groups of people.  I love that people know I dance just from looking at me.

Honestly, I'm lucky.  Reality hit me before it was too late for me to find another career.  But even more fortuitous than that was the fact that I stumbled into this crazy and beautiful world of dance management and administration.  I never intended to work for a dance company, but enjoyed browsing audition websites.  On one of those days, procrastinating work, I came across an ad requesting an intern for Abraham.In.Motion, a company with which I had worked the previous summer.  I loved the choreographer and I loved what the company stood for.  On a whim, I decided to apply!  I slaved away over the cover letter and spent the night before my interview looking for suitable interviewing clothes at the Times Square Forever XXI.

They clearly saw something in me, and ever since I've been hooked.  Working with management and administration keeps the dancer in me from disappearing, and not due to taking class.

Dancers are truly amazing people.  We work incredibly hard and keep our focus until things are perfect.  We don't mess around when we are to be working.  We aren't afraid to put our voice or vision into our work.

Giving up the active identity of being a dancer was difficult.  Finding how dance still continues to benefit my life is priceless.

But it's late and I may not be making the most sense.  Plus Sarah Rodriguez sums it up better than I ever could in her article that inspired this post.


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