A Fresh Start: What I've Learned This Crazy Summer Thus Far

This blog feels old to me.  It represents a time in my life when I had no idea who I was or where to go.  I still have no idea who I am, but I know where I'm going.  I'm learning things about myself, about the world, and about what really matters.  I'm in a good place--maybe even a great place.  Yes, there will always be stressors in life, but sometimes those are how you know that you are challenging yourself and embracing the change.

I finally have hit all the new things in my life.  New internship, new job starting Friday, new apartment, someone not-so-new-anymore to spend time with, and new ambitions.  It has most certainly not been an easy few weeks to get to this point, but I learned a lot.

I don't want to lose this blog.  I want to be able to keep sharing what I'm learning.  I want to have a space where I can reflect and remember what happens to me.  When my dad was visiting, he remarked that I live my life at such a consistently high speed--and he is exactly correct.  I need to force myself to take the time to reflect and sit and think and write.

So, what are some of the tidbits I've learned thus far this summer?  Well let me tell you...

  • There is absolute nothing better than being awake at the break of dawn and spending the morning being productive.
  • Now that I live far from home, I’m always going to struggle between spending time with visiting family and needing my alone/introvert time.
  • The turtles in central park are my spirit animals.
  • Sometimes a guitar solo can make an entire song.
  • There is more nature to Central Park than first appears…you just have to sit and be patient.  It's not just all pigeons and squirrels.
  • A glass of wine before bed really is the greatest sleep remedy.
  • If you wake up in the middle of the night, it’s always okay to read a few pages of your book and embrace being awake.
  • Spoilers don’t always ruin a story.  But they never make it better.
  • Eating the purest of foods makes you feel the best.
  • Sun salutations every morning is the greatest way to wake up both your mind and your muscles.
  • I can get just as much done working four hours a day as I can in eight hours a day.
  • Having my own space is key to my sanity.
  • Sometimes exploring on your own allows you to try new things, because there is no one whose judgement you fear.
  • There is such a thing as too much alone time, even for an introvert.
  • The moment when your parent becomes your friend is the greatest moment in the world.  Especially when you find you actually get along well.  And like going to comedy shows together.  Even if it is midnight and you’re completely exhausted.
  • Sometimes you write for yourself, and sometimes you write for others.  Both are totally acceptable.
  • There is nothing like a good, fresh bagel.
  • Having someone to talk to when you’re feeling down, feeling like complaining, excited, or just meh is the best feeling in the entire world.  The only better feeling is that happiness that you cannot seem to stave off whenever you spend time together.
  • No matter how good Korean food tastes, having a fridge that smells like it is NOT appetizing.  
  • Sixty year old Korean women buy toilet paper with cartoon dogs on it.  And I can't bring myself to use it.
  • Not having wifi is actually okay as long as you have lots of good books and podcasts.
  • I would honestly rather eat raw vegetables every day for the rest of my life as opposed to anything else.  Except cinnamon rolls.
  • Even compared to Nebraska, the farmers markets are pretty good in New York.  Although they are more expensive.
  • I am a pretty damn good gift-giver.
  • I love blankets, even if it is too hot to use them sensibly.
  • Morning rituals are absolutely necessary for my day to start off well.  Even if those morning rituals are a strange conglomerations of making coffee, trying on twelve different outfits, putting on makeup, and oil pulling.
  • I don’t know if oil pulling works, but I feel like a badass every time I successfully complete the entire 20 minutes.
  • Don’t try to do yoga while swishing the oil around.  You will almost choke.  On coconut oil.  And that’s a headline you don’t want to have.  
  • Some people will never make plans with you, but that does not meant that they don’t want to spend time with you.
  • A bad plot can be made up for by beautiful words.  But only for so many pages.
  • No matter how tempting it is or how tired you are, you should never ever sleep with your contacts in.  Your eyes get gross and it’s not cute.  Especially don’t sleep with them in when you’re going to be seen immediately by someone for whom you want to look cute.  
  • I’m not a visual artist, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy drawing!
  • When you don’t live with your five best friends, suddenly going to bed early become much easier.  And much harder to avoid.
  • There is a difference in street art and graffiti that' totally based on class and purpose.  But I love it all.
  • Spending a weekend in Williamsburg makes me never ever ever want to return to Manhattan...for multiple reasons.  Even if my apartment has the most beautiful sunsets...


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