Just like all other children, practically, I was a collector of junk.  I loved cheap toys, gravel from the playground, and sticks.  I'd always try to grab a little piece of something to remember a moment, place, or time by.

And some things never change.  When we went hiking in Cold Springs, I grabbed a rock that, luckily, is useful as a paperweight.  I have random sticks, rocks, and scraps of paper from different vacations and different "unforgettable" moments.  The only problem is that I tend to forget what these objects were meant to symbolize.  And inevitably they end up in the trash.

But these pieces of disposable memorabilia were the only things I've ever really collected.  Sure, I keep all of my old ticket stubs and playbills, but those have sentimental value.  I've never collected something just for the sake of collecting them.

But that all changed the day I found the greeting card and postcard section at Buffalo Exchange.  In this crazy thrift store in Williamsburg, there are about six bins filled with old postcards--both written in or not.  I absolutely love the antiquated images, the cheesy tourist tricks of the past.  Even better are the cards that have already been written on with sweet messages like:

I hope you feel better soon!  I miss our Sunday brunches
I love looking through this bin, and finding a new treasure every time.  Perhaps I'll send the unused postcards, and give them a life of their own.  But maybe I won't.  Maybe they'll just be added to my quickly growing art collection.

In any case, I'm glad to finally have a collection that is more trash than treasure.


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