Fridays at the Jewelry Company: A Semi Stream of Consciousness

I’m working the greatest job this summer.  I’m an office assistant in a Jewelry company that has been basically frozen in time.  I get to spend two days of my week in a time capsule.  I absolutely love the job.

The work is borderline painfully boring, but it’s the people with whom I work that make the place amazing.  

It’s a family owned and run company, so my first few days I felt painfully out of place.  I was the outsider of this giant family affair.  But slowly it seems as though they’re adopting me as their own.  Even the minor language barriers don’t seem to stop the adorable compliments and warm welcomes I get in the morning.  Or the awkward elevator rides.  Boy do I wish I had started Russian last semester instead of next.  I’m the tall one in the office, and the youngest by about 20 years.  So I clearly have the very important jobs of getting napkins off the top shelves, teaching everyone how to use their new computers, explaining how their phones work, and striving to update the technological systems in place.

But yesterday I wore my glasses to work for the first time and BOY OH BOY did that throw everyone off!  At first they thought I was an appointment one of the owners had forgotten about, and then I had to actually tell them who I was so that they would let me in (Jewelry companies have high security).  Then, my glasses were commented on about four or five times throughout the rest of the day.  

I forget how much glasses changes someone’s face.  Especially these crazy glasses I’ve got.

But the best comment of the day?  The patriarch-type of the company (who I’m pretty sure has a weird adorable little old man crush on me) told me that my glasses were very becoming.  Now isn’t that just the classiest way to tell a lady she looks nice?

Old school New York has the best compliments.   


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