Monday Morning Musings: A Walk In the Rain

After a breakup, I think it's pretty common to want to spend your time finding yourself.  It's hard to be completely uninfluenced when you're in a relationship, and that can be scary.  I mean, what musical tastes are actually yours versus your partners?  What television shows do you genuinely love as opposed to the ones you grew to tolerate?

I totally get wanting to find yourself.  To cleanse yourself from the past; to start afresh.

But why not allow some of those influences into your life?  Why be afraid of finding a new band to love?  Falling for a tv show you adore but wouldn't have watched of your own volition?

I think one great part about dating someone is that it opens you up to new experiences.  Through dating I discovered my love of atonal music, The Walking Dead, and countless things that I can't remember.  Because now, I don't associate these things as having come from an outside source--they're just a part of my personal taste.

It's easy to want to hold on to your independence and avoid any cultural influences.  But maybe that's just a part of finding yourself.  Who says you have to find yourself on your own?  Why not use others as a jumping off point?


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