Even when you’re surrounded by billions of friendly organisms, the only possibility of survival seems to be through isolation.  The daily struggles of defense, sustenance, and maintenance are too precious to leave to an unreliable source.  At the end of the day you are the only one that can be trusted with your own life. 

But even though isolation seems to be means of ensuring survival, the loneliness is killing you.  The food is scarce but you can’t both protect and provide.  You’re exhausted, but to shut an eye is to beckon death. 

Why not join up with another?  For one, you’re too stubborn to be anything but the alpha of a pack.  But at the same time, you’re broken and weak and all that responsibility would crush you.  You have an aversion to constant companionship, but is denying a helping hand worth perpetual solitude? 

Maybe soon you’ll meet another Lone Wolf.  Another creature afraid of vulnerability, loathe to taking orders, yet in desperate need of care.  You cannot be the only one out there, the only one to survive this long on only your raw will.  But surviving on willpower alone will lead only to death. 

When you meet your kindred spirit, your fellow beast, things will be easier.  You’ll get a reprise from the constant exhaustion and slip into a dream or two-- finally welcoming rather than fighting sleep.  You will no longer subsist on whatever happens your way, but instead can take the time to enjoy life rather than simply survive. 

But you can’t hide; you must show yourself in order for companionship to be possible. 


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