How To Tinder

Tinder is a fun and confusing way to try to meet people.

It was the route I took when I wanted to start dating again.  It's safe if you aren't quite certain about meeting anyone yet.  It's easy in that you can browse, interact with, and pass on literally hundreds of guys while sitting in your shower, one hand sticking out the curtain in order to swipe left and occasionally right.

But what is this Tinder?  It is an app used mostly for hooking up.  But once in a while, it seems, you can find a gem worth going on a few extra dates with.  Or at least I did.

As soon as I tell anyone that I'm dating someone I met on Tinder, I'm instantly transformed into the poster child for Tinder success.

As weird as it feels I won't complain.  For one, I'm very happy with the relationship that Tinder set into motion.  But also, being the Tinder success story means that my friend will download the app and ask for my help in turning them into some guy's illusive "Tinderella".  What this means is that I essentially am privy to hours of entertainment watching others negotiate the landscape, discovering the very attractive highs and very disturbing lows of "Tindering."

But as much as I enjoy watching others find "mister right for the night," I can't sit around with every single person forging ahead in the Tindersphere, so here is my general list of rules:

Swipe Left (say no) if:
  • they have only one photo
  • there is more than one selfie
  • the pictures look professionally taken and they aren't a photographer
  • there is a cat or dog in the matter how cute (they're trying to reel you in!)
  • their main photo is a group photo (without fail they'll be the ugliest/shortest/what have you)
  • they's even one shirtless photo
  • they go to the same school as you (that's just awkward and you can find another way to meet them!)
For everyone else, go ahead and swipe right (say yes) if you think they're attractive, have a witty bio, and good shared interests.  Or whatever strikes your fancy.

But sometimes a few strange ones slip through the cracks.  Don't forget that you can always block or unmatch anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable.  The wonderful thing about Tinder, is that once you say no to someone, you disappear from each other's Tinder lives forever.  The stakes are low, but the payoff could be high.  

Once you've chatted with someone for a while, why not meet up?  But don't forget that Tinder is known for being a hookup app.  So make your intentions clear.  

But if you're interested, don't let the talking drag on for too long.  Go ahead and ask to meet up...what's the worst that can happen (if you use your common sense)?

Trust me, some times it turns out very, very well.

At the end of the day, it's just like any form of online dating.  It's a safe way to meet people without giving out personal information, and it's an ego boost if you match with some particularly attractive guys.

But overall, the experience is what you make of it.


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