An Ode To The Roach In My Shower

See the bar of soap for size comparison

I hate you.  I hate you.  I really really hate you.
I wish that you didn't hide in the crevices of the showers.
Just when I wanted to smell like a flower
at night you had to show your face.

I hate you I hate you I can't say that I would date you.
I wish I didn't have wet hair in the morning.
Because of you, to shower at night...
I wouldn't dare!

You're the size of a bar of soap,
But you're anything but clean.

You used to live in the wall,
but now you like to scare me when I sleep-
ily run to the bathroom.

Now I've started showering in the morning,
stop drinking by 8:30pm,
locked myself in my room
because your brethren are in the kitchen.

I know you're part of the ecosystem
of this grungy city I live in.
And you be worse:
bed bugs or a rat!

Yet, still I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.
Thank god I move in 23 days.


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