Back To It All

I'll write more about classes and internships soon.

But right now, I would give my left leg for some air conditioning.

I thought that I would be prepared for dorms without air conditioning.  I was not afraid!  But then... then I remembered that Columbia does not allow our windows to open.  And that New York likes to test you when you're at your weakest.

So I'm sitting here.  Perfectly still except my pencil scratching out some Russian letters.  And my butt is sweating.  A bead of sweat drips onto the page.  I've been running around all day in this heat.  I just wanted a moment of respite.

But here I am. Sweltering.  Wondering if I will ever get to sleep tonight.

I would write more but I'm afraid my computer will overheat.

Someone please send me a fan.


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