I'm Behind On The Future Of Reading

E and I agree on a lot of things, but from our very first date there was one issue that could never be solved:

real books versus ereaders.  

He reads both, using his kindle for the subway or travelling, or just for certain books that are cheaper on there.  

I always adamantly stuck to real books.  You know, because I like the smell.

(I really do like the smell.)

But monday afternoon, E texted me that kindles were on supersale on amazon that day.  Now it all just happened to be a perfect storm--

1. After MONTHS AND MONTHS of wearing me down, E had somewhat convinced me that kindles were not all that bad.  

2.  I had no idea what I wanted for Christmas and subsequently hadn't really told my dad what to get me.

3.  I already had to buy a bookshelf for my down because I just have way too many books.  And the amount keeps growing.

So monday afternoon, I bought myself a kindle as a christmas present from my dad.  It arrived last night.  

I was actually excited.  

I really do like it.  

I read it on the train today, and it was so light and simple to hold compared to the 1200 page book I'm currently attempting to read.  Plus the kindle tracks your reading speed, so my competitive side has kicked in and its incentive to read a lot very quickly on this new device.  

I still love the smell of books and the feel of holding a book in my hand.  I'm still going to buy physical books, especially if they have beautiful covers or are not all the more expensive than the kindle version.  But the kindle isn't ruining books, it's making people more likely to actually read!  I am all about advances in technology maintaining practices of the past, so why was I so against the kindle?

I love my books, I really do.  But I was wrong when I said the kindle was useless.  I love mine already.  


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