First Week Back

The first week of the semester is always a trick.  You go to classes that let out early.  You have no homework.  You make promises that you'll actually keep up with the readings and not skip classes and turn those drafts in three days early for review like the professor suggests.

You go to the gym.  Eat a salad at dinner.  Only watch one episode on Netflix.

What I want to know is where all of this energy goes the moment school really begins?  Why must school feel like a chore rather than an amazing opportunity?  Why do I feel the need to hibernate on my laptop for hours after class?

Is this a natural reaction to so much work and stress, or is this a socially built-in reaction?

Nothing feels better than the first week of the semester.  When you're on top of everything and can stay awake in class.

No one likes feeling bogged down by work.  So why let yourself fall behind?  Why give in to Netflix marathons and take too many classes when it destroys your spirit?

One of my goals for 2015 is to not skip any classes and stay on top of my reading for my Tolstoy and Dostoevsky class.  I want to take advantage of my education and read everything for the one class that I'm taking solely of my own accord.  I love the feelings of this first week, where I can have my weekend time with E and not feel the weight of homework pressing into my chest.  Sure, it took some playing around with my schedule– I had to drop a class and take another one pass/fail to ensure I'll be able to maintain this level of zen– but why wouldn't I?  Who said college had to be a time of mandatory depression and stress?  Who said learning can't coincide with living life and being a 21 year old?

I'm the one who decides how I experience the world.


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