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Hey Y'all!

It's been a while since I posted on here.  Life...I don't know...evened itself out.  Jobs, school, relationship, roommates are all better than I could ever ask for.  And for once I even think I deserve it all!

I guess I haven't been writing as much because I haven't needed to process my emotions here as much.  But this blog is something special.  It's always been a place for me to release things that would be trapped inside of me otherwise.  So while I now have medications to help with depression and anxiety, new and exciting things are bursting to get out!

But as it's my senior year I've discovered there is just so much I want to learn yet!  And all of that learning has got to go somewhere...

So here's my new attempt for the year.  It's my last year of college.  I'm happy enough and calm enough to be crazy productive in all of the things I want to do (have you checked out my podcast yet?  It's called The Conscious Movers!).  So I want to put on here the things I'm aching to tell people.  All of the cool and random information that I've learned and am learning and all of the things I have questions about.

I've checked out books from the let's see where this goes!

First up though.  Languages.  They are incredibly amazing.  I'm working on The Power of Babel right now, and just understanding the ways that Latin morphed into French is incredible.  The shifts away from the case system as mindboggling.  You know how in English and other romance languages, word order is dictated by parts of speech?  Pronoun before verb, adjective before noun, direct object after verb...well that is a product of the case system having disappeared in the transition from Latin.  Russian and it seems to an extent German and Yiddish follow the case system.  You have different endings to denote if something is in accusative case (making it a direct object), or if something is a prepositional case (coming after a preposition).  When you have endings denoting the different parts of speech, word order does not have to be so prescribed.  You can then move words around to shift focus and add nuance to your speech.

That'll have to do for today.  But I'll talk to you all soon:)


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