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I'm terrible at writing reviews.  Or maybe instead I should say that I'm terrible at asserting my opinion strongly on things.  I've lived my life, learning everything from either side, forming a strong opinion, but then always playing devils advocate in conversation.

I would much rather make something think and understand their own beliefs than tell them my own.

But this is not to say that I don't have strong opinions on things.  Rather, I assert the most beneficial opinion.  There are certainly dance companies that I don't like, but I'll always support them and encourage people to attend their shows.  I know that dance needs an audience, and who am I to deter these necessary potential audience members?  I have strong political opinions, but because of being a liberal gal raised in conservative America, I would prefer to make someone think about the rationality of the other side than tell them how I really feel.  Not only is it easier for me to protect myself by not telling people how I really feel, I also think that I'm doing something good for humanity by always challenging someone else's opinions.

I guess it might be good for humanity, but it isn't the best for me.

I took a dance criticism class last semester and learned that it was almost impossible for me to make a strong evaluative statement.  I had to force myself to even hint at an opinion.  By being the perpetual devil's advocate I'm both the most chill person and the worst devil's advocate ever.

I always have ideas for what I want to write in here.  Because I do love this blog.  But it's so difficult...working multiple jobs plus school plus apartment hunting plus job search...but I digress.  My current thought is that maybe it would be good to force my opinons out in here.  I have thoughts on hundred of books floating in my head.  Maybe I could do better talking about how a book made me feel than a dance (because book funding is a tad less tenuous).  We shall see.

This is just my opinion for now, as much as I'm able to assert it.


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