What's Happening To This World

warning:  serious rant follows...
It is beyond insane to me what is happening in the presidential election.  In an era where factual evidence is most easily found, there are still politicians promoting "facts" based on conviction alone as opposed to evidence.  That Carly Fiorina still backs the doctored Planned Parenthood footage is quite literally unbelievable.  That Trump still yells about Muslims in New Jersey cheering on the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11 is completely unthinkable.  If there was absolute proof for these things, we would know it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

It goes beyond just the presidential election.  I honestly cannot understand it.  How do people believe crystals turning your aura purple will heal you?  How the hell can people believe that rose water would cure eczema or that calcium makes spore that make eggs that grow inside of you?  If these things were true, TRUST ME...we would know.  A cure that simple for eczema would not go unnoticed and untested.

Why does it seem like so many people are against doing their own research?  Technology certainly has made it so people can spout ridiculous opinions, calling themselves experts in their blog bios (I certainly claim no such thing in mine).  I get that crazy people can put crazy opinions out there.  But what I absolute CANNOT understand is how people read such things blindly.  How does one watch a Republican debate and not immediately go to one of the many fact checking websites?  Why do people let others do all the work for them?

I know, I know– I'm unusual in this way.  I'm unusual in that I don't just believe every word spoken but do hours of research on topics and refrain from putting forth an opinion without being able to discuss both sides of the issue inside and out.  But WHY is this unusual?  Why is this not the standard?

This presidential election has really caused me to question my faith in humanity.  I can't believe the racism that has been proudly flaunted by candidates.  I can't believe that my reproductive rights are being threatened, when it feels like they were just beginning to be realized.  I can't believe that what I see on tv and in the news is actually true.  Maybe that's a good thing.  Because if I did for a second truly and deeply believe that this isn't a War of the Worlds radio broadcast phenomenon, I would have to either flee the country or hide underground for the next 4 years.

But I don't know.  I can't quite admit to saying that I've lost faith in humanity.  Because, for better or for worse, I do believe that people are good and want the best for the world.  I can't blame the general population for backing the terrifying likes of Trump and Cruz.  But what I can do is blame these candidates and those millennial stereotypes so opposed to eating real food for their fear mongering.  I can blame those claiming to be experts, intellectuals, and politicians for tossing lies out left and right without understanding the full weight of their consequences.  Politicians have teams of people behind them to ensure that each word is deliberate and planned, yet they're deliberately planting terrible lies.   These yoga/meditation/food/wellness/holistic/healing bloggers supposedly have some sort of training...well maybe not.  But still.  I have no excuses for them.

I don't think humanity's entirely hopeless.  I cant believe that.  But what I can and do believe– hell, what I KNOW is that the people we are all thoughtlessly following are really terrible people, a scourge on humanity.  We need to stop listening to them and giving them power, because their words are nothing but brainless poison in the veins of mankind.


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