Moisturizing Jeans

(Credit: Wrangler)
Here is most certainly an interesting idea: jeans that make your legs soft.  Wrangler's 2013 line of jeans is where fashion and technology meet.  Included in this line of "Spa Denim" are three types of pants designed to keep your legs soft by including either aloe vera, olive extract, or an anti-cellulite model.  While I, too, am tired of having dry legs after a day in jeans, I don't know exactly what I think of this new idea.  This article quelled my fears about how long the jeans would continue to moisturize.  97+ wears is more than my jeans usually get before they are decommissioned!  I still, however, remain skeptical.  How do they get the jeans to moisturize?  How do the chemicals become part of the fabric?  What chemicals are used to do so, and do I really want to suffocate my legs all day long in them?  It seems they won't be around for a little while yet, so we will just have to wait and see!


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