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A good photograph will always stop me in my tracks.  That is one of the reasons I love MoMA so very much.  A good photograph can transport you into someone else's life, it gives you a glimpse of how others live without ever meeting that person.  But these new trends to alter photos is not really up my alley.  The beauty of photography is how it encapsulates a person, a place, or a scene in its entirety.  When that is tampered with, some of the magic is lost.

Vintage and vintage-style photographs are the ones that really draw me in.  When the camera was the tool instead of the computer.  That is not to say that photoshop does not have a place: pristine images certainly hold an appeal.  But give me grainy film and sun spots any day over digitally altered images.

Photos by Neil Krug
See more at his Website or Flicker


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