King Cake Recipe

I know this is belated, but who says king cake and jambalaya are relegated to one day a year?

The first rising session

For monday night study break, my friend Cindy and I made both of these dishes.  Now I had never made either before, but I felt like if you're going to mess something up, at least it was for college kids who would still eat it.

Shaped, before second rising session

First, there is the King Cake.  I used this recipe to make it, and it was incredibly straightforward.  If you've never made any baked goods with yeast, don't worry.  I didn't even use a thermometer to tell the temperature of the milk mixture, just make sure it's between warm and boiling.  Additionally, if you want it to rise faster, don't refrigerate the dough, but put it in a warm place and it should take half the time.  But don't rush it; yeast dough takes time!

Done and waiting for glaze

We only made a few changes, due to the fact that we didn't have enough powdered sugar or an electric mixture.  Instead of using powdered sugar and cinnamon in the filling, we used regular granulated sugar and cinnamon.  Also, it worked perfectly well to make both the glaze and the dough without an electric mixer.  It probably added to how soft the cake was at the end, because there was absolutely no way that we could have over-mixed it!

The cake turned out great, and was better than any I'd ever bought at the store before.  It also had rave reviews from everyone on my floor.  I wasn't too heavy or too sweet, but was very moist and soft.

It didn't last long

Again, you can find the recipe here.

Jambalaya recipe to come soon!


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