Monday Morning: Can't Get Up

North Koreans don't like mondays.

Getting up this morning proved nearly impossible.  I had a super productive weekend, but then last night I discovered that my research proposal due next wednesday is to be five pages long, and that I have to write a cover letter plus essays for all of the internships I want to apply for.  I got crazy stressed about all of that and my bed was just a perfect safe haven that I did not want to leave.

That being said, here are some links to use as an excuses to stay in bed a bit longer and read:

If you need an excuse to stay home sick, be careful using WebMD to diagnose yourself, as thinkprogress warns!

The recent private visit to North Korea lead one of the daughters who got to tag along to write a very interesting page on what she felt North Korea was like.  

Not feeling up to your best figure after a weekend off the diet?  Own some Spanx and deciding if it's worth it to try and squeeze into them?  Here is, from gawker, a humorous take on the pros and cons of these slimming undergarments.

Finally, if you just want a good chuckle, check out this blog called Hungover Owls.

His monday morning is not off to a great start either.


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