Mondays: Workload

I have found it to be really difficult to add this blog to my never-ending list of things to do.  However, that is the purpose of the blog; I want to explore my life and share the transition with those who want to hear it.  

While I know this is significantly late, I now bring to you the mashup of all sorts of craziness from the internet.  Instead of the usual perusing after just waking up, it's always good to explore the internet right before bed.  

Dominos have been all over my life lately, perhaps they are making a comeback?  The domino tree pictured above convinces me.

I really do find everything about North Korea interesting.  It's the last frontier, in a way.  Although not at all in the traditional sense.  I probably only say that because it is the only place that won't let America take over.  But here is a video from a tour group in that mysterious country.  

Driving fast can be fun, but getting stuck at 125mph for an entire hour?  I would be terrified.  Read the Atlantic article here.

Finally something that is close to home:  Columbia made the news this week when a professor changed clothes on stage, beat up a pinata, and played Lil' Wayne's "Drop It Like It's Hot" all in order to explain Quantum Mechanics.  We made Time Magazine.  What can I say, I absolutely love my school


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