Monday: Midterms Approaching

It's the monday of the week before midterms, and it seems that absolutely everything is due all at once.  So what better to do on a monday night than to peruse the oddities that the internet has to offer?  

Think you recognize the drawing in the photo above?  Check out these advertisements from Business Insider that were illustrated by Dr. Suess before Green Eggs and Ham!

As the spring sun starts to invade campus, I can't help but spent a little time basking in it while doing some reading.  Check out these beautifully sunlit rooms from Dwell that will make even a cold day feel like spring!

This mashup would not accurately represent my average monday if there weren't something legally related in it!  This document is asking for clarification on the job title of prostitutes in Nevada.  

Wondering what you could be capable of if only you had just one more cup of coffee?  Luckily this chart very accurately tells you!

Have a good rest of you Monday!


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