Saturday Night: Butler Style

At least I'm here with friends

There is something very interesting about studying in Butler on a Saturday night, especially during midterms. The glowing apple logo is everywhere, and the blue header of Facebook flashes on and off in every direction. There are people who look like they are ready for bed, and those who clearly are trying to make a good impression.

It makes me wonder, what do these people do when they leave? I'm sure some of the better dressed ones will hit up the bars in Morningside Heights, and a few brave souls may even venture downtown. But as for most of these people, like myself, upon return from the library that never closes they go to sleep only to wake up tomorrow and start reading all over again.

Sometimes it gets you down; the work never ends. It's midterms and I have more homework than usual AND tests. People say just get through this week and you'll be on break! Only if break means even MORE work than usual. It's easy to let the stress swallow you whole.

But there is something about this library that puts it in perspective. The stained glass window behind me, the books lining the walls, the stack of readings in front of me and and dozens upon dozens of students who share the space in this room right now all tell me that I'm not alone. We are all in this position together, and we knew this would happen when we chose this school,out majors, our classes.

We wouldn't be doing this if it weren't worth it.


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