A Nice Cup of Tea

There is something so serene about drinking a cup of tea and staring out the window.  Coffee doesn't hold the same sort of magic as tea does.  Coffee makes you jittery and really only tastes good when cups upon cups of sugar and milk are added (or is that just me?)  

I ended up sitting in a Starbucks down in Chelsea in between taking company class and helping with rehearsals yesterday.  I started off my Starbucks adventure with a hazelnut macchiato and walked around for a while.  I returned to Starbucks with the intention of writing my final paper, but I really did not want to spend money in order to justify my presence in the store for the next three hours.  I did not feel like spending a ton of money or a ton of calories, so I opted for a cup of tea.  As of this week, all I've been drinking is earl grey.  It's such a nice rich tea, but it does not need anything extra in it.  I felt so serene sitting in a Starbucks downtown, writing my paper as people raced past the window in front of me.  I can't say I wrote all that much, but I thoroughly enjoyed my three hours.

If there has been one major change in my life since coming to college, that would be my new preference of tea over coffee.  I hate an electric kettle in my room, so it is simple to make a cup of tea at any time.  If I want to make coffee it's a whole process that involves my french press and annoying coffee grounds.  Plus my lack of fridge means I can't add the necessary milk to my coffee.  But it's a change that I'm happy to have made.  Drinking coffee feels stressful while tea is peaceful.

And just so today's post is not entirely full of my ramblings, here is a really neat video from 1941 telling the English how to make a proper pot of tea.  Even during the second World War the British knew the importance of a nice cup of tea.  


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